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Wireline Units for the Oil and Gas Industry

Prior Diesel has utilised their expertise to develop a new phase of Zone II wireline unit.

This innovative design has taken on-board the operators view point for ease of preparation and maintenance.  For example; the drive engine the JCB Zone II PP1154 has been mounted longitudinal therefore improving the access to both sides of the prime mover.

Wireline Units for the Oil and Gas Industry

Consideration has also been given to minimise noise effecting the operational cabin with a series of internal baffle sections within the engine compartment, with final termination at the extreme rear of the unit.

The main wire drums can be arranged as two 700mm diameter units or alternatively as a one 600mm diameter and one 700mm diameter; this is fully dependant on the client’s specific requirements.  For ease of removal , the drums can be removed through the roof access panel un-hindered.

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