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Nitrogen Pumps & Nitrogen Units in split or single skid (also trailer mounted)

LN2 Converters – Nitrogen Pumps

Prior Diesel are a world leading manufacturer of Nitrogen converter units.  Based in Great Yarmouth, England, Prior Diesel have been manufacturing bespoke nitrogen converters for leading Well Service companies around the world since 1995.

Prior Diesel recognised that there was a market for quality bespoke units to suit different customer requirements.  Nitrogen converters are supplied in many different formats and certification to suit all locations around the world.

Our quality maintenance friendly units backed by our aftersales support has been our strength and maintained our position with leading Well Service companies.

Nitrogen offers a vehicle for reducing risk by shielding potentially reactive materials from contact with oxygen in the oil and gas industry.

Nitrogen pumps are used to suppress various gases, liquids or other dangerous elements whenever a risk hazard assessment dictates.

Nitrogen pumping is crucial to the oil & gas industry.

Prior Diesel LN2 pumps use engine power and recovered engine heat to vaporize and pump liquid nitrogen from the liquid nitrogen tank.

Units are capable of pumping 60,000 to 540,000 SCFH of gaseous Nitrogen with pressures up to 10,000 PSI and at discharge temperatures of 70°F.

The liquid nitrogen is taken from the nitrogen storage/transport tank by a centrifugal boost pump to a high-pressure LN2 triplex pump.

Nitrogen Pumps & Nitrogen Units in split or single skidHigh-pressure liquid nitrogen then passes through the unique vaporization system to convert the high-pressure liquid to high-pressure gaseous nitrogen.

Prior Diesel Pumping Units are used in conjunction with other specialist well intervention services.

We offer all aspects of maintenance and repairs to nitrogen units supplied by a variety of manufacturers, from cryogenic overhauls carried out in our state of the art cryogenic service centre, to analysis and repairs carried out in the field.

Our in house service and repairs range from unit having recertification, to a complete overhaul / modification to bring a unit up to the latest specifications, or to suit a new region.






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