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Preventative Maintenance and Fuel Treatment ServiceFuel Polishing

An extensive range of preventative and reactive maintenance services available for all diesel driven plant and machinery, from standby generators to nitrogen converters.  Our tailor-made solutions ensure that equipement is kept in prime condition, ready to operate whenever it’s required.  These solutions include scheduled maintenance, 24 hour emergency call out and fuel sampling, analysis, contamination removal and fuel polishing services.

Prior Diesel is able to offer on-site fuel polishing for stored diesel, bowsers and drums.  Our range of mobile fuel polishing units incorporate the latest technological breakthrough in diesel filtration.  They are capable of cleaning fuel at rates of 50 to 1000 litres per minute with the ability to reduce water content from over 10,000ppm to 200ppm and particulate content down to 1 micron in just a single pass.  At the same time, highly effective biocide treatments can be implemented to breakdown ‘diesel bug’, so that too is removed.

Bespoke fuel polishing units can also be designed and manufactured to client specification.

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