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Filtration for diesel engines is a vital part of eliminating harmful deposits within the lubrication, fuel and air systems that could otherwise harm your engine.

Diesel engines are finely tuned pieces of equipment and without the correct maintenance schedules being followed could lead to extensive downtime leading to loss of revenue.

Within the fuel system it is vital that any moisture is removed from the lines which could also cause catastrophic engine failure, which is done by using fuel water separators.

For every litre of fuel consumed, a modern diesel engine typically requires 15,000 litres of air! Therefore, poor air quality can significantly impact engine wear and performance. As a result, effective air filtration is essential, to protect the engine from particulate contaminants. Symptoms of poor maintenance include plugged air filters, reduced engine performance and higher fuel consumption.
Filter - Diesel Engine
Prior Diesel can supply genuine engine filtration from the manufacturers we represent along with other premium brands such as Baldwin, Cummins Filtration, Donaldson, Racor and Separ just to name a few.

Prior Diesel is your one stop solution for filtration.

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