Manufactures Offshore Zone 2 and Safe Area hydraulic power packs that are capable of operating the snubbing system and auxiliary components


The units can be built to meet all the recognised regulations in the field such as NORSOK, ATEX, PED and the Machinery Safety Directive and the structural design reviewed by DNV to 2.7-1 and EN12079.

What is a Hydraulic Power Pack?

The primary components are a diesel engine, over centre clutch assembly, radiator & oil cooler assembly, pyroban exhaust gas cooling kit, air receiver, control panel, fire suppression system & fire & gas detection system.

The engine drives an over centre clutch assembly which in turn drives the hydraulic pumps via a prop shaft connection.

Due to weight restrictions on some platforms there can be a need to replace the single skid where all the components are housed within one frame to a split skid type where the prime mover on one skid and the hydraulic components on another.

Prior Diesel specialises in custom builds and can design and build to a customers’ exact specification, dependant on their requirements.