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Fuel polishing and cleaning

Prior Diesel is focused on providing efficiencies for our client base to ensure that our diesel engines run perfectly and are serviced regularly by fully qualified engineers.Fuel Polishing Unit

A key driver of engine reliability is the fuel that goes into it. Blocked filters and fuel contamination can negatively affect the running of your system, which is why we have recently introduced our fuel polishing and cleaning services.

We offer fuel polishing and fuel cleaning services for both mobile and fixed installations and the equipment is available on both a sale or hire basis, depending on your specification and requirements.

Our experienced engineers can assess your asset, vessel, appliances or installation with a site survey (available both onshore and offshore). Then will carry out the required work for you, including mobilisation, install, connection, cleaning, de-rig and de-mobilisation.

We will tailor our service to meet your individual requirements and provide high levels of customer care and logistical support throughout.

To find out more, call our highly experienced team today onĀ +44 (0) 1493 441383.

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