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Wireline units, nitrogen units and coil tubing power packs in stock

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Wireline-UnitWithin the oil and gas industry, we at Prior Diesel are known to be a manufacturer and supplier of a range of high quality

products used in the offshore environment.

Our wireline units, nitrogen units and coil tubing power packs are all used in well-related activities including well intervention, reservoir evaluation and pipe recovery.

Prior Diesel’s expertise in the development of these products is well regarded within the sector, and they are used around the world to ensure the efficient and safe extraction of oil.

We have a number of these items available and in stock, for operations looking to invest in equipment that will improve efficiency and safety.

These products are available directly through Prior Diesel but can also be sourced through our sister company Suretank.

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Coil tubing power pack and control cabin

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

The latest additions to the Prior Diesel catalogue, the coil tubing power pack and control cabin for well intervention, have become a source of much excitement within our Greater Yarmouth-based firm. Prior Diesel, recently acquired by Suretank, has always specialised in successful handling and refurbishing of coil tubing equipment, and has applied this expertise with distinction to the engineering and production of the new product range. (more…)

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