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Serving the oil and gas, marine, power and construction industries since 1981

For the offshore market, Prior Diesel supplies many of the worlds main resource extraction businesses with a range of product groupings including well service equipment, diesel engines and a team of experienced personnel for project delivery.

Prior Diesel is the leading manufacturer of specialised equipment necessary for servicing oil and gas wells.

Prior Diesel’s main products utilised within the offshore environment are liquid nitrogen converters, wireline units, coil tubing, fluid pumps, hydraulic power packs and zone II diesel engines.

Custom units are available in open skid, acoustic and trailer mounted configurations to suit our customer requirements. All equipment is designed and manufactured to operate safely within ATEX Zone I & II hazardous area or safe area environments. Quality control inspections are involved in every step of the manufacturing process and are in compliance with quality procedures.

In addition to product supply, Prior Diesel offers a highly regarded and market leading range of services to the offshore sector including product servicing and repair and rebuild of existing equipment.

As part of the Suretank Group of companies, Prior Diesel has an extensive geographical network with specialist sales engineers located in the main oil and gas regions including Brazil, Mexico and the USA, Poland, Africa, Australia, China, Thailand, Ireland, Norway and the UK.

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