Global Leaders

in Diesel Driven Power Solutions

Serving the oil and gas, marine, power and construction industries since 1981

Prior Diesel is a leading supplier of engineering and diesel driven power solutions to the industrial market. Our team of specialist engineers in the field of mechanical engineering, fabrication and pipework services are complemented by the design, engineering and product knowledge offered to our customers.

Work within the Industrial sector focuses on providing design and installation of power generation for prime and standby applications, pump systems for firefighting and factory/manufacturing applications along with preventive maintenance and breakdown support to a wide range of plant, equipment and structures. All services are provided 24 hours a day 365 days a year to fit with the operations of our customers.

Prior Diesel is part of the Suretank Group of companies and operates as part of a network that extends throughout the main offshore operations areas across the globe. Geographically Suretank and Prior Diesel have a presence in Brazil, Mexico and the USA, Poland, Africa, Australia, China, Thailand, Ireland, Norway and the UK.

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